Business Decisions – Investing in New or Used Embroidery Machines

Jan 8, 2020

There is no doubt that adding an embroidery machine to your business will improve productivity and help your company grow. Whether you are a start-up company looking to expand or an established company looking to add to your inventory, you must carefully consider your decision as it will have an effect on your business. You’ve 2 choices when it comes to purchasing a new unit – buy new or go for a used machine?

Assess the Tech

When it comes to choosing between a new or used machine, you must think about the technology. Although you could be getting an excellent deal on a used machine, it won’t have the same level of technology a modern embroidery machine will have. When you examine the hardware, you’ll find that an older machine won’t have many of the cool new accessories a newer machine will have. Some used machines allow operating system upgrades, but many of them will be limited to their current hardware. A modern embroidery machine will have all the latest technology, that includes state of the art components that you won’t find on a used machine.

  • Faster Sewing Speeds
  • Higher Processing Capabilities
  • Advanced Software & Designs

When it comes to technology, a modern embroidery machine will always have better features and processing capabilities.

Current Condition 

If you are thinking about a used embroidery machine, you must consider wear and tear. Is the product in good condition? What was it used for before it was put on sale? If the machine has worked for many years in the industry, constantly sewing and embroidering on a daily basis, it could be a little worse for wear.

The state of the machine is probably your biggest area for concern. Some used embroidery machines haven’t actually been used that much, whereas others have been put through the mill. If you are buying it off a company, find out how long they’ve been in business and when they bought the product. A new embroidery machine will have zero wear and tear, the risk of anything happening to it is minimal and it will be covered by a warranty if anything goes wrong.

Here are some questions to ask the seller if you are thinking of going for a used machine.

  • Why are they selling it?
  • What is the machine’s repair record?
  • Who carried out the repairs?
  • Who was operating the machine?

Peace of Mind

Unfortunately, you won’t have any assurances when buying a used machine, but you will with a new model. Although you may end up paying more for the new embroidery machine, you still have a guarantee if anything goes wrong within the first few months.

The biggest problem with investing in used machines is establishing its current condition. A used embroidery machine which is in good condition can be hard to come by. You just never know what you are buying, so purchasing a second-hand unit comes with inherent risks. If you don’t fancy taking a chance, you should pay that little bit extra and go for a top of the range model.

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Top Reasons to Picnic with Your Kids

Jan 4, 2020

With the increase in technology usage and our busy schedules, we rarely get to enjoy nature and reconnect with the wildlife around us. We spend hours with on heads stuck in a smartphone or glued to the latest TV series. There are many health benefits to be had from going for a picnic with your family, it is a fun time that allows everyone to bond without the need for technology. To ensure you make the most out of your picnic, remember to bring the essentials.

Picnic Baskets

You can’t have a good picnic without suitable picnic sets. There are vitally important when it comes to planning your day out with the kids. Picnic baskets come in a range of different sizes, from small to large. When buying picnic sets you should always go for a bigger size because you never know when someone outside your family may join you, such as one of your kids’ friends. The great thing about purchasing a picnic set is having everything included, you don’t need to bring dinnerware and find a place to safely store all the items. Your picnic set will safely secure all your dinnerware in a custom-made basket that guarantees zero breakage.

Spending Time Outdoors

Once you have purchased the right picnic basket, you can now enjoy spending time outdoors with your family without having to worry about keeping them well fed. People are growing increasingly distant from nature and this isn’t a good thing. Many studies highlight the importance of staying connected to the outdoors, it boosts our mood and helps to reduce stress. Dining outdoors with a fully functional picnic set gives you and all your family the chance to take in some fresh air. It also gives you the chance to educate your kids about wild animals and the importance of the surrounding eco-system.

Family Bonding

Kids get the opportunity to help you pack the picnic set and get other items ready for your day in the sun. No matter where you decide to picnic, kids will enjoy the time they spend bonding with their parents and other siblings. Sitting on a quiet beach or in a woodland area offers little distractions, allowing families to make up for lost time.

Picnics Improve Your Kids Behaviour

Getting your kids involved in planning and preparing for a picnic promotes responsible behaviour. It teaches them to work together and make decisions when getting ready for the picnic. Kids who have a close relationship with their parents and siblings are less likely to get involved in anti-social behaviour. Going for regular picnics gets them time to discuss their feelings without being bombarded by social media. In addition, it also improves their academic scores.

Going out for a family picnic with your kids is a great way to bond and enjoy nature. To ensure you get the most from your excursion, you’ll need a good quality picnic set to carry all of your food and dinnerware. You’ll find plenty of products online, with most stores stocking a huge selection of picnic baskets.

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