5 Creative Boy Scout Fundraising Ideas

If you’re in need of some great boy scout fundraising ideas, there are many ways to go about it. Some of the easiest ideas to execute are car washes, dog grooming services, coffee and tea sales, and obstacle courses. If none of these ideas work for you, consider these other ideas. They may be more fun for your scouts than you think! Here are some more ideas for your fundraising efforts:

Car washes

Car washes are a popular fundraiser idea. This event gives your group an opportunity to give people a clean car, wax it, and dry it to perfection. These car wash fundraisers are also cheaper than automatic car washes, and they are especially helpful after a rainstorm. Here are a few tips for a successful fundraiser. These ideas should help your group raise the most money possible.

Dog grooming

Dog grooming is a great way to start a fundraiser for a Boy Scout troop. You can also start a dog walking service. Dog owners will love your service, and you can even give them a thank-you card with information about your organization. Another dog grooming fundraising idea is a local florist’s rose gifting service. Your troop can also deliver roses to neighbors and read a special message to them.

Coffee and tea sales

One of the easiest fundraisers for a troop is a coffee and tea sale. Many organizations offer easy-to-grow varieties for sales and give kids the opportunity to learn about growing fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Another popular fundraising option is a concession stand. You can set up one for a local school event or community gathering and charge the public a small amount to buy and sell the items. You can make a profit of about 40% if you sell in person. Online sales are another great option for a troop that does not have a physical location to sell products at.

Obstacle courses

Whether your group is looking for a new activity for its next fundraiser or you’re trying to raise funds for a troop trip to Key West, obstacle courses can be an excellent way to do it. There are many benefits of hosting an obstacle course, including the fact that you’re helping the community and raising funds for the Scouts. But how do you decide which obstacle course to choose? Here are a few tips to get you started.

Spinner cards

The same idea as scratch cards applies to spinner cards, a popular boy scout fundraiser. Unlike traditional scratch cards, spinners are reusable, and donors spin the arrow twice to reveal the amount of their donation. These fundraisers can raise up to $210 per boy scout. They also are inexpensive. A pack of spinner cards can sell for $5 per pad of fifty coupon sheets.