Alternatives to Common CMS Systems

WordPress, Joomla, and Shopify are three of the most popular CMS options available, but there are many other CMS alternatives for you to consider that offer some excellent features and maximum functionality. Below we cover what a CMS is and look at three alternative CMS systems.

What is a CMS system?

CMS stands for the content management system. CMS is software that helps users to create and manage website content without much technical ability or knowledge of how websites operate. CMS systems handle all of the basic infrastructures of creating a website and putting content out there.

Alternative CMS systems

As mentioned, there are many alternative CMS systems that are available to users looking to create online content and websites that aren’t on Shopify or WordPress. Below we share some key information about three alternative CMS systems for you to consider:


Drupal is a valuable CMS system for developers and those looking to create a site that is extremely customisable. With Drupal, it’s easy to add content with lots of flexibility and options available to you. The potential drawback of using Drupal is that it isn’t necessarily beginner-friendly when it comes to navigating a CMS and access to the maximum flexibility and customisable options are only available after paying an expensive fee.


Magento is another alternative CMS eCommerce system for you to consider. Highly customisable, Magento enables you to handle lots of customers visiting your site and is great if you have lots of products to advertise. Some of the biggest brands out there use Magento, highlighting its value as a productive CMS. One significant advantage of using Magento is that you can connect it to popular payment gateways such as PayPal. The biggest drawbacks of Magento, however, are its costs, its inconsistent support service and its tendency to be overwhelming for those without much knowledge of running a website.


Overdrive is one of the top CMS alternatives available today. Creating effective websites in minutes using Google Drive, you can rely on Overdrive to deliver a smart solution that is tailored to your needs. Overdrive takes care of all of the difficult tasks, bringing large amounts of data together and storing your information in an accessible way. Simply tell it which content to use and it creates the site structure, pages and navigation at the touch of a button. Plus, you’ll save precious time and precious money with Overdrive thanks to its accessibility and cost-effective pricing.

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