Amazing Types Of Custom Etching You Need To Know

Custom etching is all about adding more features to wine bottles or even glasses. It is the process of carving glass, stone, or even metal. One can get a custom text, art, logo, or even a photo. However, most people do not know about the incredible types of etching. Beautiful etched wine bottles and glasses serve as beautiful gifts during special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries.

There are innumerable companies across the globe that have specialized custom etching. Here are some of the types of etching.

Mechanical etching

With the mechanical etching, a Dremel is used to scratch the glass. This process is suitable for artistic images. The mechanical etching process is used to add more features to plates, trophies, and jewelry. This makes these gifts more unique when presenting them to the recipients. The machines used in this process are limited to text only. The text options are also limited to fonts and sizes. Mechanical etching customs the glass or the wine bottle with text only no painting can be done sine once the surface of the glass is scratched.

Chemical etching

The chemical etching uses harsh chemicals to custom the glass such as the acidic solution to scratch the surface of the glass. During this process, masks are used to protect the glass surface from the chemical. Chemical etching is suitable for large glass like shower doors or even partitions. Hazardous waste is produced during this process and needs to be disposed of properly. The acidic solutions only burn the outer part of the window giving it a frosted look.

Laser etching

The laser etching process is fast and it uses a laser beam. The laser beam is usually directed by a computer program. This makes it easier to produce accurate and desired designs. There are no waste products produced in laser etching like in the case with chemical etching. It is convenient to use in stores when the customers are waiting. With laser etching, only one color is used.

Sand carving

Sand carving is similar to sandblasting and it uses harsh materials to cut the glass under high pressure. During these processes, the glass is protected from abrasive materials using a mask. Sand carving does not generate any hazardous products like in the case of chemical etching. Sand carving can go deep into the glass without breaking the bottle or the contents. The recess with sand carving allows for innumerable color fills making the end product to be more colorful and classic. The products of sand carving are commonly referred to as deep etch as the products are superior.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, there are many types of custom etching. The above article illustrates some of the examples. An example includes laser etching, sand carving, chemical etching, and even mechanical etching. One can easily choose the type which he or she prefers the most. One should visit a reputable dealer to negotiate for any glass customization required. This is because they are experienced enough to give the desired end products. Giving clear details on what color, text and even font you want on the customized glass or wine bottle will be of great help.