Below are some of the reasons why you should use PDF

If you are asking yourself what we mean by a PDF file, it is simply a file format that is used to create documents that can be shared easily across different platforms and computers. Today, many businesses use this document format because it offers several advantages. If you have ever worked with a PDF document, then you must appreciate the ease with which it allows you to share documents with other people without the fear of deterioration in quality or integrity of the document.

In this article, I will be looking at some of the advantages that the PDF document format provides people with and why you should be choosing it for your business documents.

PDFs are flexible

When we think of PDF documents, we often think of this document format as an electronic print-out of other documents, but that is not the case. However, this is not true because PDF documents are quite flexible and can be edited with relative ease. The vendors of this software are always working around the clock to add new features that make PDF more friendly. One such feature is the add signature functionality. With this feature, a user can allow permission for a PDF document to be edited so that other signatories to a contract can sign.

Another way in which PDF is very flexible is the manner in which it allows itself to be converted to other document formats such as word. Once you convert a PDF document to a word document, you can do all the changes you want on it and then convert it back to PDF. It is this kind of flexibility that makes PDF such a good option for your business.

PDF documents are secure

PDF is also very high on security because the format lends itself to being incorporated with passwords to protect content contained therein. You can create a password on the document to protect sensitive information such as bank statements and the like. Once you protect the PDF with a password you can email it to a person and then share with them the password so that they can access the content of the document. You can also restrict the actions of the people you share the password with on the document. For instance, you could prevent people who have passwords from editing or converting the document so that they only view the content.


Another advantage that PDF offers is the ability to be opened on any computing device without requiring any special permissions or knowledge. For instance, not everybody is currently knowledgeable in using Google Docs suite or even have a Microsoft Office license. In both of these cases, it can be challenging to share with such people documents. However, on the other hand, when you have the right software for opening PDF documents installed on your computer, you can easily access PDF documents. You can also easily convert PDF to word and other formats using free software on the internet.