Customers Love Apria Healthcare According to Apria Healthcare Reviews 

Apria Healthcare is a top provider of home respiratory goods and services in the United States, with a long history of positive feedback. Oxygen therapy, inhalation therapies, sleep apnea treatment, and negative pressure wound therapy are among the medical services provided by the company.

Apria Healthcare is one of the fastest-growing companies in the American healthcare industry, and its share prices skyrocketed in 2009. So what accounts for this company’s success? Certainly, good business sense has something to do with it, but customer service also contributes significantly to Apria’s popularity.

One of the top providers of home respiratory therapy, Apria Healthcare strives to meet customer needs.

Customers are quick to praise the company on online rating sites, praising its speedy turn-around times for equipment delivery and patient service representatives’ willingness to go above and beyond to help customers.

Positive reviews can also be found on third-party review sites like Yelp, where previous customers leave behind their contact information so that future patients can get in touch with them to ask questions about Apria Healthcare reviews.

Customers who have experience with the company are quick to sing its praises on sites like Glassdoor, too. One former employee writes that they loved working for Apria because it worked hard to “support all of the patients in the community.”

“I was never ashamed or embarrassed to tell anyone that I worked for Apria,” they added. “Our leadership team constantly encouraged us to be proud of our employment with the company and have fun while we were doing it!”

Another former employee writes on Glassdoor that working for Apria Healthcare was life-changing. “It is nice to work for a company that provides excellent service and caring towards their patients,” they wrote.

But positive reviews are not just limited to former employees. For example, a current employee writes on the same site that Apria Healthcare was an excellent company to work for, with “great benefits” and “management who cares about employees.”

“I’m proud to be part of the Apria team,” they added. “The company truly cares about its people, and it shows every day.”

But employees are not the only ones singing their praises. Review sites are full of five-star reviews from customers about Apria Healthcare’s services.

“Apria did a fantastic job working with our insurance company and clearing away all of the red tape,” wrote one customer on Yelp. “They were responsive, informative, patient, thoughtful, and kind.”

Another customer writes on Customer Lobby that Apria was helpful when they had to change suppliers. “The transition was as smooth as possible, given the state of our insurance company,” they wrote.

Customers also praised the company’s customer service representatives on Yelp. One former customer says that Apria deserves a five-star rating for its courtesy and professionalism.

“Customer service reps are knowledgeable and courteous, and they made sure that I was satisfied with my order before the sale was final,” they wrote. “This company is top-notch.”

Another customer called Apria Healthcare a great company to work with because of its courteous representatives willing to talk them through their order process.