Evan Dombroski – Why Photography Is Never Wrong

Over the last 18 months we have seen more people looking to pick up photography as a hobby than ever before. his is because during lockdown there were so many of us who were seeking ways to fill our time and ways to stay busy as we were stuck at home. Photography is one of those hobbies which many people want to do, yet few people have the time to get started with. Lockdown gave us the time to do this and experts like Evan Dombroski were on hand to help out with handy YouTube vides and online guides.

Something which is amazing about photography is that you can never really be wrong with this, you can always improve image quality of course, and even professionals are seeking out ways in which they can do that, but in terms of the shot you have taken, there is no right or wrong, and here is exactly why.

Artistic Hobby

Unless you are looking to take professional images of certain people or scenes, this is a hobby which is based very much in the arts. Through the taking of photography you are essentially bringing the world to life through whatever medium you desire. Given the same landscape, you could easily find that 10 different people take 10 different shots, and this is exactly what art is all about. Art is expression and that is why nobody can tell you what is right and what is wrong.

Personal Images

Photography is not only about the art, it is also about taking the shots that you care about, the shots which you feel best represent you and your style. This is exactly how you should approach your photography and the images which you decide to take. Ultimately there is nobody who can tell you what your images should look like because they are centered around your own right to express yourself in whichever way that you see fit.

Becoming Boring

Ultimately if there is one industry standard which everyone has to stick to, the world of photography would become so incredibly boring. All that you would have are similar images and a complete lack of imagination regarding focus, shutter speed and the color of images. We have so much technology and know-how at our fingertips that to ignore it all because of what a single person or group of people have to say, would simply be foolish and would see us all missing out on the pure joy that this hobby is able to give us all.

And so if you plan to get started with this hobby, it is important to remember that you could always get better and you can always take a better image. With this being said, this is very much an individual expression of who you are and that is why you should reject the notion that there is a right or wrong image or a right or wrong subject matter.