Everything That Homeowners Need To Know About Slab Leaks

Slab leaks refers to the water leaks occurring in plumbing pipes that are installed under or in the slab concrete foundation of a building. Under certain conditions slab pipes start leaking out water & result in severe structural damage that are quite expensive to repair. If a home is built on a concrete slab, the plumbing system of the house is most likely embedded in or under the concrete. Such types of systems are hard to access and as a result most homeowners are unable to find out the leaks at the right time. This article points out significant warning signs that homeowners should look for before calling a slab leak repair Plano, Texas agency.

What are the signs to detect slab leak?

Although slab leaks are not quite easy to detect, there are certain warning signs that can help homeowners detect a leakage. To protect the home from any structural damage, homeowners should always stay mindful and be alert. The sooner one calls a professional slab leak repair Plano, Texas, the less damage the home has to suffer. One should call a professional:

  • When one hears the sound of water running beneath the floors, while all the taps & plumbing appliances of the house are off.
  • When one smells mildew, mold or some general mustiness.
  • When carpets are wet or damped without any particular reason.
  • When one finds visible warm spots on the floor.
  • When floorboards are buckling or wrapped.
  • When one finds standing water around the home’s foundation.
  • When the water pressure from the taps have visibly decreased.
  • When the water bill has significantly risen.
  • When there is water on the floor and the source from where it is coming is not visible.

What will a professional slab leak repair Plano, Texas do?

Slab leakage repair is a very complicated job and it cannot be done without the help of professional plumbers. The operation involves digging the concrete slab. In order to do so, the flooring needs to be removed and the professionals will need to dig down into the concrete slab, uncover the damaged pipe & fix it accordingly. Here’s why one needs to call a professional for getting the leakage fixed:

  • Professional plumbers have all the equipment required to dig the floor and fix the broken pipe. They will perform the job with utmost precision and without causing any extra damage to the property.
  • Calling a team of professionals at the right time will ensure that the leakage gets fixed faster causing less structural damage to the house and the leakage repair won’t incur a huge expense.

The professionals from the plumbing agency will visit the house for an inspection and will suggest whether they should go for rerouting or repining.


In Texas most home insurance plans do cover any expense related to plumbing repairs such as slab leakage repair. Therefore if after inspection, the slab repair Plano, Texas agency recommends rerouting the entire plumbing system of the house to fix the leakage, the home insurance provided might cover the expense.