Five Reasons to Become a Certified Biblical Counselor.

Biblical counselors have extraordinary power to face issues based on three aspects of how we are made, i.e., psychology, physical and spiritual being, which all play an essential role in our happiness, health, and well-being.

A biblical counselor must learn the Bible’s teachings to bring purpose and solution to the existing problems so that God can be glorified, which is the ultimate purpose. Here are some reasons why Spiritual strengtheners should equip themselves with a Biblical Counseling Certification. They help;

Deliver a Certified Counselling

Hundreds of people, drug addicts, alcoholics, mentally ill, and people with different kinds of diseases have been relieved by the Biblical teachings offered by pastors. As stated in Matthew 10.8, “Heal the sick, bring the dead back to life, heal those who suffer from dreaded diseases and drive out demons. It has been received without paying, so it can be given without paying”

The ability to offer such kind of deliverance to loyal servants may not be successful if they are not qualified and are not professionals with Biblical Counseling certification.

Answer People seeking an Advice

In their Journey of Ministering the word of God, they may have realized people are seeking advice. The Lord has a way of showing Himself to specific strength about oneself by allowing others to see the power in themselves. Do not take it for granted when people seek advice.

It’s not wise to stop people who come to seek advice from counselors but instead, the response is to get some training to provide the best advice.

Change Lives with Changeless Truth

Biblical counseling is comprehensive guidance that equips God’s servants to use Biblical truth to change their lives increase people’s confidence in the adequate and relevant God’s word and address real-life challenges. Robust Biblical counseling results in ongoing spiritual formation.

Therefore, biblical counselors need to undergo certification to understand Biblical principles of multicultural relations and address the challenges with the existing truth that brings people to light. Going to work keeping in mind that helping others change lives is making a difference.

Purpose Fulfilment of Career

Kind of a person who wants to feel a sense of purpose at the end of each day, then maybe counseling will be their calling. Helping people reach their full potential that they can and will certain limits aid them to their growth in each session. Watching people achieve their set goals can bring a sense of accomplishment as a counselor with Biblical Counselling Certification.

To Administer perfect counseling

When spiritual leaders talk to people about themselves or God, His words mean that they are guiders. Counseling can be done in private for an individual and in public for a group of gatherings. If counselors are certified, they’ll find themselves using what they learned right away in the conversation and various ministry situations and make fruitful counseling sessions.


In summary, Biblical counselors should ask the right questions to know precisely how they are to answer those who seek advice, but this can only happen when counselors attain their certification.