Five Signs to Visit an Orthopedic Doctor: A Comprehensive Guide

The human being has 206 bones and 360 joints that connect the bones. And one could be in discomfort and pain if any of these bones or joints don’t work correctly. Many people bear the pain and wish it to disappear with time. They think that musculoskeletal issues will resolve without seeing a doctor. However, the joint newnan healthcare professional can assist in finding the correct procedure that could stop the pain and provide long-term relief. Now, it’s difficult to determine the usual pain and what needs professional care. Here are 5 signs indicating it’s time to see an orthopedic doctor.

  • Swollen Joint

Swelling tends to happen in the soft tissues surrounding the joints when fluid builds up in the tissues. Trauma, reactive or chronic arthritis, bacterial infections, osteoarthritis, septic arthritis, or gout are common causes of swollen joints.

An individual must visit the joint newnan healthcare professional if his joint is swollen and in pain. Moreover, he should skip seeing a doctor if he has a fever along with swollen joint.

  • Chronic Joint Pain

A joint pain lasting for long is a warning sign to seek medical attention. Chronic refers to pain lasting for three to six months or longer. This pain might indicate swollen or inflammable joints, but it might also indicate that bones and joints are rubbing against each other. All these signs and symptoms may lead to arthritis.

Experiencing joint pain for days is one thing, but persistent pain for weeks or months means a person must see an orthopedic specialist.

  • Back Pain

Statistics state that around 80% of people, from young to old, often suffer lower or upper back pain. Daily activities like standing up for long, overdoing exercises, or lifting weights are common reasons for mild back pains.

But sometimes, back pain can worsen, causing an individual to lose control of his bowels or bladder and weaken his leg muscles. In such a situation, seeing a professional orthopedic is crucial to prevent further deterioration and life-threatening conditions.

  • Difficulty in Climbing Stairs

Many people with knee-related problems find it difficult to ascend and descend stairs. The main cause for this is arthritis, which further leads to cartilage degeneration and, thus, makes it challenging to go up and down stairs. It is a common sign of damaged knee joints. Taking appropriate action and seeing an orthopedic doctor before the discomfort worsens is better.

  • Sprained Ankle

The ankle becomes sprained due to ripped or damaged ligaments that support the ankle. Even though ankle sprains are common injuries, they can cause crippling pain without proper treatment. Moreover, not seeing the joint newnan doctor on time can cause long-term post-traumatic arthritis.


If an individual has persistent, recurrent, or unresponsive bone or joint pain, he must visit an orthopedic specialist. Joint swelling and nerve-related symptoms, like tingling, numbness, or a ‘pins and needle’ sensation in legs or arms, also require medical attention. Search for the best orthopedic specialist in Newnan. Schedule an appointment in case of bone and joint problems to get the best possible medical care.