Get Your Concrete Repair Done Immediately to Stop Further Foundation Deterioration

The quality of the material used in a foundation determines the potency of the house. The weight of complete house or building is carried by its foundation. Any irregularity or mismanagement experienced by the base leads to a dreadful result on the building. The major reason for the uneven foundation is water. It seeps into your base and expands the soil and rots all iron rods. This can be dangerous as it can make your base weak and the floor uneven.

In today’s buildings, concrete slab is the common component utilized in the configuration. These slabs are of steel that is reinforced with concrete. Its thickness is around 10cm to 50cm. Concrete slabs help in constructing ceilings and floors. These slabs are used to prepare the ground floor for huge buildings. In huge buildings, there is thin concrete slabs placed to differentiate ceiling and floor of the other level.

Concrete repair is done only when there are some kinds of unevenness or swelling observed in it. Uneven foundation can also lead to cracks in the slabs which can expand with time. Often people try to fill it with cement which doesn’t work. After few years, you would see cracks again on it. Thus, some effort and hard work is required to get it corrected.

There are various techniques of filling gaps and cracks in slabs. The entire slab is broken for the area where damage has occurred. Then, fresh epoxy is injected and left it to dry. Once it dries up, then it is covered with proper plaster so that there is no unevenness left on floor. This might sound easy but it isn’t easy to pick a heavy slab.

This is how a foundation repair company would work when there is any damage in concrete slab –

  • The firm will first assess your entire house to find all damages that have occurred. This will include assessment of soil underneath your foundation which is the major source of disruption.
  • It completely depends upon the criticality of damage that decides how many days would it take to repair. Some damages are repaired in one day while some take a month.

  • Simply repairing the cracks will not help you need to find the root cause of this damage. Expert professionals will first try to find the real problem and try amending it before repairing cracks.

Remember any company that repairs your foundation will always provide you with warranty. Hence, go with a renowned firm that knows what you’re talking about.