Getting Your SEO Campaign Started

When you are a business with a website, you will most likely have a search engine optimisation (SEO) campaign to help increase the traffic to your site. It is also an excellent way to increase brand awareness and it is often a task which companies outsource due to the many skills required. Whether you are doing your SEO in-house or outsourcing it, there are things that you can do to help ensure the success of your campaign. Below is some advice to help you make your SEO campaign a resounding success.

Start By Doing An Audit

One of the first places to start is auditing your website and looking for potential problems that may hold your site back. You will need to look at all the onsite issues and offsite ones to strengthen the overall health of your website and improve the results of your SEO marketing. When you do not have experience doing this, you may need to get a reputable digital agency to crawl your website and put together a list of recommendations to improve its health. You can then get your web developer or use the agency to make the changes for you.

Do Not Forget Search Console

You should also have a Google Search Console for your website if it is set up, if not set one up as it is free, and you will want to look here for potential issues. You will see penalties listed here that you will need to address if your website has any, and it will also list other potential problems that you will want to fix. However, keep in mind that with large websites, especially e-commerce sites with thousands of pages, you may show many problems, and it is almost impossible to fix them all.

Get Rid Of Toxic Back Links

You will also want to do a backlink audit of your site and see if there are any spammy links you wish to disavow. It is worth bearing in mind that even though you may have an active link building campaign, you cannot control who links to your site, so you should check it for potentially toxic links every few months.

You will need to take a trial-and-error approach to your digital marketing and find what works best for your site. It is also worth keeping in mind that SEO takes time, and if you need an instant return, you may wish to incorporate a PPC campaign or paid social media campaign that can offer quick returns.