How accessiBe Can Help Your WordPress Site ADA Compliant

The Americans with Disability Act (ADA) is a federal civil rights law that provides comprehensive protections against discrimination based on disability. In addition, and importantly, it includes provisions requiring equal opportunity for individuals with disabilities to benefit from the goods and services. It is therefore imperative that your website be accessible.

Fortunately, accessiBe is an AI-powered tool designed to improve any website’s accessibility and usability. Their free WordPress plugin makes connecting to their service and configuring it easier. Not only will your site become ADA compliant immediately as a result of this integration, but it will also make it easier for over 20% of your visitors with disabilities to navigate your site. In addition, thousands of small businesses and industry leaders rely on it to keep them safe.

So what is this accessiBe, and how can it help you?

Here’s how accessiBe works:

accessiBe combines two applications to attain complete compliance. The accessiBe interface handles all UI and design-related tweaks. In addition, the AI-powered background process handles the more complicated requirements, such as screen-reader optimization and keyboard navigation.

This means that your site can be made ADA compliant without any major design or development overhauls fully.

Your WordPress Site Will Become Fully Accessible To Users With Disabilities

By making use of the capabilities offered by accessiBe, you ensure that your website adheres to all web accessibility principles and meets government regulations for accessibility. This is because the accessiBe interface enables you to make your site user-friendly for blind or visually impaired visitors.

The fact that you can enjoy immediate results is especially beneficial since such customers include a huge potential market. After all, almost 27 million Americans suffer from some degree of visual impairment. That’s why your website must provide them with the same degree of convenience that it does everyone else.

On top of being compliant, your WordPress site will become easier to use for blind or visually impaired users. This is because accessiBe allows you to make your site keyboard compatible by creating an extra layer of semantics around your HTML elements. For visitors who can’t use a mouse, it is vital that they be able to navigate the site using only their keyboard.

Hands-Free Accessibility Testing

accessiBe makes accessibility testing more efficient by automating time-consuming processes such as screen reader and browser profiling. This is crucial for maintaining your WordPress site’s accessibility standards since different browsers and screen readers behave differently. With accessiBe, you will be able to create time-efficient tests that enable you to make sure your WordPress site’s accessibility is always up to par.

What’s more, the plugin also analyzes your website against 20+ guidelines for WCAG compliance. This ensures that users with disabilities will be able to access all the content on your site. It also allows you to flag and repair potential accessibility issues that may be preventing them from doing so.

Take full advantage of WordPress’s benefits by making sure it is accessible for users with disabilities. That way, you can make sure any person who visits your website will be able to access all of your content and fully enjoy the experience.