How often should you feed an adult dog?

As a concerned dog owner, you would be keen to groom your pet with the right feeding habits. It’s natural to ponder how frequently you should serve dog food to your pet. Well, if you are still in a dilemma, this post will help you find the most appropriate answer.

To start with, you should be knowing that these creatures follow their habits. Once you successfully come up with a healthy feeding schedule, they won’t bother you for their meals. The best way to decide the frequency for your pet is to let them comfortably intake dog food at a time that suits them. Once it grows into a habit, they would stick to it. Typically, healthy dogs need full meals at least twice a day. You can schedule these meals not more than 12 hours apart. In between, you can arrange smaller meals for your pet.

Deciding the frequency of feeding your dog

Healthy puppies need specific dog food at least four times a day. In some cases, experts recommend feeding them even six times.

However, by the time your dot gains 50% of the bodyweight (of an adult), this frequency should decrease. Three times a day would be the right frequency of feeding your dog at this stage. However, if your pet is more active, and spends a lot of hours working outdoors, they would burn calories faster. In these cases, you need to arrange dog food more frequently to cater to their energy requirements.

In case your pet experiences health problems that lower its appetite, the meals should be smaller and more frequent.

Factors determining the frequency of feeding dogs

  • Reputed veterinarians recommend that an adult dog should receive two full meals a day. However, you need to prepare specific feeding schedules for dogs with special dietary needs, if they undergo medical conditions. If you are not sure about the frequency of their meal, consult the veterinarian at the outset. They might advise you to get the right dog food online for your pet.
  • Moreover, the frequency at which your pet would need meals depends on its breed. For instance, dogs of larger breeds require more calories as compared to small and medium-breed dogs.
  • Another consideration to prioritize is the age of your pet. The caloric needs for an older dog would be different from that of a puppy. This also affects the feeding schedule.

How much should you feed an adult dog?

Adult dogs should be comfortable with two big meals a day. Occasionally, you can present them a healthy treat, in case you find it begging. However, never feed your pet more than the prescribed quantity. When you buy dog food online, be careful while reading the labels. It would be wise not to follow generic feeding charts. Instead, follow the charts that branded dog food manufacturers provide along with the packages.

Most adult dogs have a weight between 50 pounds to 150 pounds. The smaller ones would weigh below 20 pounds. Based on the weight and calorie requirement of your pet, you need to decide whether to go for two or three meals.

How much should you feed a puppy?

For the first three months, toy-breed puppies need around four to six meals a day. However, for medium-breed pups, three to four meals would be enough at this stage. However, there might be around a 30% difference in metabolism in dogs from different breeds. On consulting the experts, you need to allocate the proportions.

As the puppies grow older, their caloric needs decrease. Make sure to purchase quality dog food online from the reputed portals. This ensures that you can give a healthy dose of diet to your pet throughout their life, keeping them healthy and agile.