How to improve internal communications

If you’re wondering how to improve internal communications, you’ve come to the right place. When it comes to employee engagement, a well-built, easy-to-use intranet can be a real communication powerhouse. It can increase employee engagement, and as stats from Trade Press Services show, an impressive 85% of employees feel more engaged when they receive regular updates on company news and developments.

We all want to be part of the bigger picture

A well-designed intranet offers a social experience. They have the flexibility to share information in a variety of ways – 1-2-1, as a sub-team or to a whole department. Using a company intranet fosters a collaborative culture that creates a natural desire to work towards company goals. Many corporate intranets take their cues from social networks to become a home for engaging, social content as well as essential information.

Create a knowledge base

Your intranet can do more than simply improve internal communications. Choosing a Google Drive intranet builder offers flexibility and gives you scope to do things like creating a company Wiki. You can edit and update your Wiki as necessary, ensuring that every member of your team will be up to speed with what they need to know.

Create multi-directional communication

The days of top-down communication are fading – more and more organisations understand that all employees have something to contribute and traditional communication hierarchies mean that many valuable insights never reach the people who need to hear them. Choosing an intranet platform that fosters high engagement means that employees can comment on views and articles from other parts of the organisation. As well as being a great way to capture colleague views, your teams will feel their voice matters – and that’s a powerful thing when it comes to engagement.

Let everyone know how business is going

A great intranet means you can say goodbye to the grind of quarterly updates. The instant nature of a modern intranet means you can celebrate successes as they happen. This means maximum momentum and maximum uplift from the feel-good factor that comes when a team knows it’s done a great job. You can share the down times too, and gather solutions to solve problems, rather than waiting for those traditional reports to emerge.

Mobile company intranet

Improving internal communications means improving accessibility, and modern intranet solutions offer mobile connectivity. Your employees can access information on multiple devices, rather than being shackled to a PC. This means maximum communication and makes sure your teams have access to all the information they need, exactly when they need it.

Great communication makes for great businesses and harnessing the power of the modern intranet will have a powerful impact on company culture and business performance, as well as transform your internal communications.