How We Can Contribute in Lessening the Trash That Ends Up in Landfills

Now more than ever, we have to be more conscious of the amount of trash that we throw away. Landfills are slowly filling up, and if we continue with our reckless ways of throwing trash, sooner or later, the whole world will end up as a big landfill. It is never too late to start thinking about reducing the waste you put out into the environment. Although we cannot totally be trash-free, especially those big pieces of junk such as cardboard boxes, old bed frames, and mattresses, hiring Evergreen Junk Removal in Orlando is the best move as they know how to dispose of big junk properly.

Donate clothing

A big chunk of trash that ends up in landfills is used clothing. Donate clothes to charity every time you do a spring cleaning of your closet. The same goes for shoes and other accessories such as bags. Not only do you get to reduce your waste, but you also get to help those who do not have the resources to buy clothes and shoes.

Go for minimal packaging

Some companies are conscious of the trash that their companies contribute. Go for those products, and you will feel good about yourself too. Another idea: bring a cloth or reusable bag and containers when you go grocery shopping. This will eliminate the need for more packaging for every product that you buy.

Get rid of plastic bottles

We have gotten so used to using plastic water bottles every time we need a drink, and they are one of the biggest contributors to landfills. Invest in a good reusable water bottle that you can refill every time you run out of water. The number of water bottles will be significantly less.


With glass jars and aluminum cans, you don’t have to chuck them in the trash right away. You can think of ways that you can reuse and recycle them. You can use glass jars to keep trinkets and small accessories. You can also use aluminum cans for other purposes. If your area has recycling centers, make a trip about once a month if you are not too handy with recycling projects at home.

Purchase recycled materials

Now, this practice does not translate to directly reducing trash, but if you opt for recycled products instead of those made from raw materials, the recycled materials will no longer end up in landfills.

Use rechargeable batteries

Chemicals in batteries are harmful to the environment. Using rechargeables will significantly reduce disposable ones from ending up in landfills. You also get to save money on rechargeables in the long run. Imagine using only several rechargeable batteries for many years compared to hundreds of disposable ones over the same period of time.

In our own little way, we can make a difference in the environment. Trash such as plastic and metal takes hundreds of years to decompose and will be inherited by many future generations. If we can, in our own way, help save the environment, then future generations will inherit a better place.