Important camera accessories and why you need them

When shopping around for the cheap camera accessories, the following are some of the must have accessories and the reasons why you need to have them: they include:

Polarizing filter

Some of the photographic situations tend to benefit from the use of filters while the photo is being taken. One of the useful of them all is the polarizing filter. It can be used to remove completely or reduce harsh glare from the reflections, be able to boost the saturation of color and darken the skies that are blue. While there are some benefits which you can get in the post-production, it is preferable to ensure that the camera is able to capture them when you are taking the photo. It is especially great when removing the reflective glare which at times is impossible to do in the post-production.

There are two types of polarizing filters: the circular and the linear. They tend to have identical effect on the photo images but the circular polarizing filters are the ones which are designed in making it quite easier for the metering system of the camera to get an exposure that is just great.  You have to ensure that you get the right size of the lens diameter. You will find the diameter displayed in millimeters net to the diameter symbol on your camera.

If you have various lenses that have different diameters, you will need to have multiple filters or you can get the filters for the lens that you frequently use for the outdoor or landscape shots.

Spare batteries

When purchasing a camera, you have to blow the whole budget on the lenses and the body. And thus, it is quite rare to think of buying a spare battery when you begin. But it is something that is quite important to have in your camera bag an additional battery to avoid the frustration of having to stop taking the photos unexpectedly because the battery just died. With the spare battery, you will keep shooting and you can be able to continue charging the other battery meanwhile.

It is best that you stick to the original equipment – OE batteries meaning, batteries by your camera’s manufacturer. They are guaranteed to work as required, have a lifespan that is long, and will not affect the manufacturer’s warranty. If you decide purchasing a third party battery, then you need to stick to those which are well-known and respected brands.

Memory cards

New cameras do come with memory cards well installed but in most instances, the memory is normally quite limited. And thus, chances are that, you will need an extra memory card.  When choosing a memory card, there are several factors that  you will have to consider first which include:

  • The format: There are few basic formats for memory cards for digital cameras. The common ones are Secure digital – SD but you will also find others such as XQD and CFast cards. Some of the older cameras will have CF that is less common or a flash that is compact and the manufacturer will leave such a format behind