Mayweather Vs Nasukawa: How the Fighters Compare, Where to Watch the Fight, And So Much More

Gearing up for the Mayweather vs Nasukawa fight? So are we. How about we do a quick rundown of everything essential before the bell dings?

When will the fight happen?

The date has been set for New Year’s Eve. Thus, this will be the perfect way to end the boxing year which has seen a lot of interesting games (Hope you saw the Canelo vs Rocky fight live? We bet you loved that one too)

Where will the fight happen?

Unlike many fights that involves the Money Man, this one will not be played out on US soil. The choice location is the Saitama Super Arena in Japan instead.

This choice must have been influenced by the fact that the fight is intended to promote the Japanese MMA movement. Thus, it would have been counterproductive to host it anywhere else.

How do the fighters compare?

Floyd Mayweather comes into this fight with a wealth of experience on his side. Professionally, he has been involved in a total of 50 games, winning all, drawing and losing none.

His ruthlessness inside the ring is backed by the 27 KO record he currently holds, and he might be looking to add to that tally on the fight night.

With a reputation for not getting his face hit, and the unorthodox boxing style he brings to the ring, he is one contender to be feared.

In the other corner will be Tenshin Nasukawa and his team. Even though he is not a full-blown boxer, he is not new to battles either. Till date, he has been in some 27 fights and won 20 by KO.

Famed for his deadly kicks, it is sad that he would be without them on the fight day. Of course, he is younger and has that youth on his side. Experience might be lacking, but he makes up for it quite well too.

What are the rules?

A crossing between the boxing and MMA worlds will need some proper rules and management to guide it. That is why this game has been structured in such a way that:

  • It only lasts three rounds
  • Each round will last three (3) minutes
  • Boxing rules will be strictly enforced
  • The boxers will be required to wear standard issue RIZIN 8-ounce gloves
  • There will be no ringside judges to make any decisions and
  • There would be no winner nor vanquished at the end of the games

As earlier mentioned, this means Nasukawa will not be able to deploy his kicks. It also means the fight will be tied to the official records of neither fighters.

Where to watch the fight

If you aren’t going to be watching the fight happen live by the ring side, you would surely need an alternative.

As it stands, content distribution networks have not been able to obtain rights to the game. That means there would be content blackout in the US and UK, as well as other countries, during the fight. There is no telling how many hours will pass before the games are even made available on other networks.

However, not going to the ringside doesn’t mean you can’t get it live. In fact, you can still watch the Mayweather vs Nasukawa fight online on streaming platforms such as Fuji TV and Fite TV. What you have to do is:

  • Get yourself a VPN
  • Connect to a server location in the US (for Fite TV) or Japan (for Fuji TV)
  • Head over to the preferred website to purchase the fight/ a subscription package, as the case may be
  • Login on the day of the fight and enjoy it live.

Note that Fuji TV will only broadcast the game in the local Japanese language, so Fite TV will be the ideal option for English speaking countries. Speaking of, you might need a valid US credit card to purchase the game on Fite TV.