Rose Burillo – The Finest Tacos in Mexico City

There is an absolutely enormous range of tacos which you can get your hands on in Mexico but deciding between them all can be pretty tough. For this reason I wanted to talk a little today about some of my most favorite tacos, to inspire your choices a little bit.

I have tried just about every taco available in Mexico City, and probably from most restaurants too. My friend Rose Burillo and I went on a mission to try as many tacos as we could a couple of years back, and it yielded some pretty darn good results. If you are visiting Mexico City then here are some of my recommended taco fillings which I think you will love.

Tacos Al Pastor

These are probably the most famous tacos in the city and they are certainly one of the most popular. The meat is pork and it is heavily marinated with a range of delicious spices. As the meat is marinated they will layer it onto a spit and then cook it slowly, much like they do with a kebab. The result is one of the tastiest and one of the cheapest tacos which you will find anywhere in Mexico City. You will see these large kebab-like mounds being cooked in taco shops around the city.

Fish Tacos

I used to only really eat meat tacos but then I was introduced to some spectacular fish tacos and I have never looked back. White fish is often used for tacos, and you will get the likes of tilapia which has been flash fried and then served straight into a taco. These are refreshing and delicious and the fish really takes the flavor of the salsa and the lime perfectly.


On the weekend there are parks and street corners which are awash with barbacoa sellers. This is mutton which has been cooked over a 9 or 11 hour period, resulting in soft and supple meat which is very rich in flavor. The tacos are served up with a soup made form the juices of the meat, and dressed with the usual cilantro, onion, salsa and lime mixture. These are often touted as a hangover cure, but you don’t need to feel bad to enjoy these amazing tacos.

Tasty Suadero

And finally my favorite option which is a beef cut called suadero. The reason why I love these is because the meat is perfectly soft and works so well inside a taco. Additionally this is the most consistently tasting option in the city, and that means that no matter where you go, the filling will taste largely the same. These are also very low cost tacos and they are an absolute staple in so many taco restaurants and stands around the country.

Whilst these are my favorites I really would encourage you to try as many tacos as you can get your hands on, the range is too big for you not to!