Tech and Photography — Photo Editing Tools You Need to Use!

Did you know that the average human has an attention span of only 8 seconds? In the business world, this means, the brand only has 8 seconds to grab the customer’s attention. 8 seconds was definitely not enough to make an eye-catching impression – until technology made it possible.

Before technology enabled brands to connect with customers beyond borders, before it made online stores a reality, and way before it redefined marketing by digitizing it, brands had to rely on traditional newspaper, TV and billboard ads to make a first impression. And let’s be honest, while some brands used every last ounce of their creativity to make waves globally, others couldn’t stand out from the competition because they failed in the first stage – grabbing the prospect’s attention.

Thanks to technology, this mistake can easily be avoided if you just download the top-tier photo-editing apps listed below! Images are extremely powerful. They speak a thousand words without saying anything and they do an excellent job at stirring up emotions and tugging at one’s heartstrings at a first glance. But they are only as powerful as you make them be. Visuals, or photos, in particular, are used to deliver a clear and specific message to the audience with the help of graphical elements, vectors, colors, and tone.

So how do you create an image that instantly catches the eye and grabs attention? You use the best photo editing tools in the market! Technology has blessed us with unlimited resources and tools to bring us one step closer to success. These photo editing tools are widely used to touch up and filter images.

Download these apps quickly and easily with the reliable AT&T Internet via AT&T bundles or plans and transform your images beautifully! Build a visual brand with these top-tier photo editing apps now!

  • Snapseed

Snapseed by Google is the perfect editor to have on your iOS or Android phone. While it comes with basic features like straightening, cropping, frames, vignettes, sharpening, etc, the advanced features of the app like healing, precision masking and more go beyond basic color correction, enhancing and adjusting the brightness, saturation, and contrast of the overall photo.

Plus, you will also enjoy the range of filters that come with the app – and if you want to be extra creative, you can even create your filter! And the simple and clean interface makes it super easy to learn and understand the features.

  • Prisma Photo Editor

Turning photos into paintings and drawings on editing apps is an awful experience for most – the filters are to blame for this. However, with Prisma, you never have to complain about awful-looking photo-turned-paintings. It’s a free photo editing app that makes your photos look like Picasso-level drawings! You can pick your favorite filter from a set of 500 and also share your images with an online community powered by Prisma.

  • VSCO

If you’ve been a long-term user of Instagram, you must have heard of VCSO at least once. And if you like creating images that look like they were taken with a film camera, you’re going to love this app. Apart from standard editing features, VSCO has a variety of soft filters and presets that can be adjusted with a slider, plus you can share your creations with the VSCO community online or with your Instagram and Facebook friends too!

  • Enlight Photofox

If you’ve been looking for the perfect artistic photo editing tool, your search ends here! The Enlight Photofox offers a range of features but the best has to be the blending feature that allows users to blend photos and create visual masterpieces. However, you will need to watch a bunch of tutorial videos on how to use the layers features and to steady your hand on this tool.

  • Afterlight 2

This all-inclusive app is a worthy editor to have on your phone. Apart from the basic feature set you would expect, it comes with several filters, textures, frames, prism effects, film overlays, and much much more to make your photos stand out on the gram. It’s available on Android and iOS for free, so get your hands on this app before they put a price tag on it!

To Wrap It Up

Technology and photography go hand in hand. While digital cameras and smartphones are capable enough of taking excellent shots, you still need some handy photo editing apps to turn those shots into masterpieces! The apps on the list above definitely deserve a spot on your phone!