Tips to Pick Up the Right AR Software

Multiple variables impact the cash flow of a company, and accounts receivable are one of the most crucial ones. Accounts Receivable metrics like invoice age, number of sales outstanding, bad debt, etc. have a detrimental impact on cash inflows. AR software streamlines operations and thereby reduce the effort and time required to handle credit risks, deliver invoices, match records, and collect payments seamlessly. Choosing the right software AR can be overwhelming given the plethora of available options. To pick up the right AR software, there are certain tips that one can follow and seek benefits from.

Understanding internal bottlenecks

It is necessary to communicate with professionals who are involved with AR workflows and thereby understand the problems and address them with solutions. This helps to come up with clear goals about what the company wants to achieve with the account receivables automation software. Some of the questions to ask the team members are:

  • What are the constrictions in the accounts receivable process?
  • How much is the loss because of the constrictions?
  • Are there any resources available in the form of outsourcing agencies, experts, or tools to address the constrictions?

It is vital to assess the automated AR software process and recognize the gaps. This helps to improve efficiency.

Comparing the accounts receivable solutions

Once the assessment of needs and gaps in the system is complete, it is required to find solution vendors. They are responsible for bridging the gaps. AR solutions help automate the workflows and also enable customization options associated with accounts receivable. It is recommended to do research online and find reliable accounts receivable automation software service, providers. Comparing different software AR solution providers’ pricing, features, integrations, compliance levels, etc., helps pick the right provider. Picking a cloud-based solution provider can enhance scalability and also offer better control over data and the entire process.

Integrated solutions

The majority of AR solutions integrate with the accounting software landscape, like ERP. Thus, before an AR solution is shortlisted, it is necessary to check whether it can integrate with customer relationship management software, accounting management software, ERP, and so on. Furthermore, it is suggested that you check out plug-and-play integrators. This is because they can reduce the implementation time frame and also avoid any extra expenses that vendors will charge.

Software demos

Once everything is shortlisted and an AR software is chosen, the next step involves communication via emails, phone calls, social media interaction, etc., and getting an insight into their offering. Taking demos of the software solutions helps to understand the interface and features of the software. Chatting with software solution experts is a wise decision, as it helps to understand the limitations and extra costs of required customizations. One can ask several questions during the software demo session and conclude whether it is the best option.


Picking the right software AR can be a huge challenge. Everyone wants to assure that the software caters to all needs while offering a faster ROI. Following the above-mentioned steps can help to choose the right AR software, seek all the benefits, and ease the operations of financial experts.