What are the Different Types of HVLS Fans Available in the Market?

Introduction: HVLS fans are increasing in demand due to energy consciousness and design innovations. They are used in every sector, like a commercial, retail, or agriculture. The experts approved the HVLS fans as beneficial for energy conservation and environmental protection. An HVLS fan manufacturer always focuses on improving the air circulation in a particular area. The regular fans are suitable for smaller areas, but HVLS fans are used in broad areas. Those eager to know the advantages of HVLS fans should read the entire post.

What are HVLS fans?

The HVLS fans are also known as industrial fans, which have become an energy-saving staple in the industry. One of the most common issues in enclosed areas is air ventilation. The HVLS stands for high volume and low speed, which are suitable for improving air ventilation in a particular area. Usually, their diameters are more significant than 7 feet to produce a large air volume. Below are mentioned some of the advantages of using the HVLS fans.

Benefits of HVLS fans

Improved air circulation: The air quality of an indoor area is highly important to protect employee health. The traditional ceiling fans cannot improve air quality, but the HVLS fans can do so with their large fan blades. They can improve ventilation, increase airflow supply, and create a safe environment to work in.

Increase productivity: Uncomfortable temperatures in a workplace can naturally increase productivity. When the employees feel sick, they can’t provide their best performance. The ambiance of the workplace matters a lot in increasing productivity. The HVLS fans are responsible for reducing the rate of employee inaccuracy by creating a comfortable temperature.

Energy-efficiency: Commercial high-volume low-speed fans can help a company reach its energy efficiency goals. No matter the season, the vast fans can lower the temperature than the actual temperature outside. The high volume of air circulation creates a cooling effect on the human body.

How to choose the best HVLS fan


  1. Before choosing an HVLS fan manufacturer, one should consider the climate condition. Cooling, heating, or both, which one is the need? Humidity, cold, or summer, all the facts should be considered before purchasing an industrial fan.
  2. There are two types of industrial fans – direct-driven and gear driven. The first one creates minimal noise and has a sleek design. They are suitable for showrooms or commercial sectors. The gear-driven industrial fans come with a gear-driven motor, ideal for larger areas like factories, stations, etc.
  3. Small, large, medium, and different sizes are available. Depending on the requirement, one should choose the right size.


Multiple brands are available on the market for those seeking HVLS fans in different price ranges. But one should always rely on a reputed and certified HVLS fan manufacturer to get optimum performance. Whether someone purchases online or offline, read all the features carefully. The manufacturer should have years of experience and a good industry reputation. Not all brands offer the same quality product. Don’t fall for the cheap price; one should always prioritize quality.