What is super p force? Its side effects and precautions

Erectile dysfunction is currently a very common problem among men. This problem is caused by a host of reasons that it can be difficult to keep track and avoid all of them. Even the novel corona virus which causes COVID-19 disease has been speculated to cause erectile dysfunction in the long even though more evidence is required to substantiate this claim. Erectile dysfunction can happen to anyone even though it happens to older men in most cases. When it happens, this condition can lead to a lot of problem in a marriage, sometimes causing divorce between partners.

Because of the effects that erectile dysfunction can cause, many research studies have been focused on finding a solution and sure enough, there are several medications that can treat erectile dysfunction, often abbreviated as ED. One of these medications is super p force. In this article, I will force more on this medication to highlight various aspects about it.

What is Super P Force medicine?

Kamagra vidalista cenforce superPforce Lovegra is a medication that is used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It is made of a combination of two other medications, that is, depoxitine and sildenafil. As a result, the medication helps to relieve erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. As such, when you take the medication while having problems of premature ejaculation, you won’t release semen prematurely while having sex with your partner. This medication has helped many men to sustain a healthy erection for longer periods. Before you buy this medication, it is best if you understood how it works first so that you avoid possible side effects that it may cause

How to take Super P force?

When you buy this super p force, it is important that you take all the time you need to read all the instructions supplied together with the medication. If you have any concerns, it is important to ask the pharmacist you are buying from. You can also do research of your own on the internet so that you are equipped with as much information as possible. The drug is usually sold in the form of a pill and should be taken at least forty five minutes before you engage in sexual activity. This medication is meant to be taken with or without food so you shouldn’t be worried about getting your tummy full first before taking it. However, you should take it with a glass of water or any fluid that can make it easier to swallow.

You should expect the effects of the drug to last for at least 6 hours before it starts to wear off.


If you are already using medications that contain o Nitrates, o Alpha-blockers, o Other PDE5 inhibitors, and o antidepressants, you are advised to stay away from super p force. Also, this drug should not be taken by people who have serious heart condition and under no circumstances should the medication be taken for recreational purposes. You should only take a pill if you have real ED and only when you plan to engage in sexual intercourse.