What you ought to know in regard to police checks

When you apply for your police check and there happens to be delays for the results to be returned, it doesn’t mean that there is a releasable police history – the PH on you. There are several checks which at times are subjected to further investigation or further enquiries which after the 15 days or less, it comes out with a no disclosable court outcome and thus, no need to panic when you are informed by the crimecheckaustralia.com.au, that there will be a delay.

Learn more by going through the following police check queries answered by experts:

Why is it that there are some checks which end up taking a lot of time to process?

There are varied reasons that make checks to take longer than the rest to process which might include:

  • Having the same name or a name which happens to match with other potential persons of interest in the system of policing
  • Police history that has been kept for long which has positive matches which requires collection which is manual and the hardcopy record processing.
  • The relevant agency of police which has incomplete or inaccurate records which requires to be investigated before the check can be able to get finalized.
  • Having to transfer information between various territory and state police agencies before the information is able to be vetted and or be released
  • Workloads that are high in the agency of police.

How is it possible to speed up the process of police check?

When it comes to ensuring that the process of police check is done faster, there happens to be limited ways to do so, unless you are checks happen to fall in one of the categories that are listed below:

  • An emergency/disaster situation or a specialist skill
  • Medical or political reasons
  • Process that is child related includes the emergency child placement or adoption.

How will you be able to tell that your police check is ready?

When you order your police check, there will be an advice that you will receive via email about your police certificate or report being ready once it has been received by the agency that you utilized from the authority of the police.

Where policesubmits a request by a potential employer or an employer, you will be notified once the police check is completed.

What does the criminal intelligence commission of Australia mean – ACIC?

The ACIC is an agency of the government which is the one that manages the national data base for the persons with interest and via which all the police checks nationally in Australia are carried out.

The NPCS – national police checking service is used by all the police agencies and the brokers available, including the AFP – the Australian Federal Police. There are several agencies which are accredited providers to obtain the police checks via ACIC with crimecheckaustralia.com.au being among them. As an accredited broker, they are subjected to an accredited process which is quite extensive and audits too.