Various Kinds Of Chinese Treatment Therapy Based On Personalized Needs

Overall health is essential to living a healthy life free of ailments and other possible medical conditions that might make it hard to run their daily errands effectively. Several practices are used to ensure overall health, with several wellness practices aiding individuals to keep fit and healthy. Modern Point has well-trained acupuncturists with vast experience using Chinese medicine to achieve quick and long-lasting results. The Chinese medicine and acupuncture specialists focus on every patient as an individual and not on the disease or diagnosis. The medication incorporates the mind, body, and spirit to help everyone acquire optimal health and well-being.

The treatment takes a holistic approach in determining the cause of the pains and ailments, whether it is a common cold or allergies. The medication used to treat the exact condition then gets personalized according to the exact cause of the problem one faces. Several treatment therapies get used depending on the problem that an individual faces and they include the following:


Acupuncture is a common medication that has been used to the benefit of ailing individuals for many years. Chinese medicine and acupuncture aid the body in healing on its own through the formation of microscopic micro-traumas. The self-healing gets acquired using tiny sterile needles, which are placed in specific body areas to stimulate the internal self-healing abilities of the body. The acupuncture healing process has yielded positive results over the years; it has been used, hence why it is still in practice, offering self-healing abilities.


Electroacupuncture is also known as E-Stim and works effectively in healing an individual’s specific condition as determined by Chinese medicine and acupuncture professionals. In this treatment therapy, a light electrical current gets added to the end of the acupuncture needles to increase the effectiveness of the whole treatment. This form of treatment is used to improve the effectiveness of acupuncture treatment while minimizing the pain one feels.


Moxibustion is an effective and reliable Chinese medicine and acupuncture therapy that yields excellent results for patients exposed to it. In this kind of treatment, a medicinal herb gets burnt to increase skin warmth and air circulation.

Infrared heat therapy

The Chinese medicine and acupuncture therapy procedure penetrates deeper into the skin, is different from other direct heating methods, and causes no harm or discomfort to the skin. Infrared heat therapy gets executed through infrared heat lamps, which the patients warm and comfortable with immense healing properties. The treatments come with numerous benefits to an individual’s overall health, including increased air circulation, body tissue relaxation, and reduction of pains.


Cupping is a Chinese treatment method where a vacuum gets created in a glass jar placed on the skin. The therapy has several benefits, from increased blood flow and minimized muscle tension to nourishing body tissue. The acupuncturists exploit the therapy effectively, offering maximum results to the individual, leaving them with improved health and well-being at the end of the procedure, thereby correcting the ailments felt before.